And why is it important?

Based on the word "phos", the word "photography" essentially means "drawing with light".

The word "photography" was created in the 1800s but it indicates they understood the importance of light when capturing images.  We also understand the importance of light which is why we only use top quality lighting equipment that offers consistent light and fast recycle times.

Our radio triggered Profoto D1 Air studio strobes go with us for almost every shoot with a custom made gear cart.  When the situation warrants it we have been known to pull the strobes and the Batpac out of the cart to tackle rougher terrain.  Sometimes the studio strobes and Batpac just aren't the right choice though.  In these cases we use our radio triggered 600-EX-RT Speedlites off camera to achieve similar results.  Because of this we often say "We bring the studio to you".

Test after test have shown that the two biggest factors for obtaining a good image (besides the photographer) are having good lighting and top quality lenses.  So the next step is to get all of that gorgeous light into the camera with the minimum amount of distortion.  This is why you will find we only use Canon L series lenses. These are proven performers with optical quality, durability, and weather proofing that can't be matched in a kit or off brand lens. Look for the stripe!  Canon L series lenses have a distinct red stripe around the end of the lens barrel.

Todays digital SLR cameras are capable of capturing images with such detail that in the hands of the right person you can't tell if it was taken with 10 or 22 megapixel sensor.  This is especially true when more often than not the image isn't printed larger than 8x10.   Sure we would love a medium format digital body but it would be serious overkill and extremely expensive at around $50k just for the body.  So what did we look for in a camera body?  Durability, fast autofocus, and low light performance which the Canons deliver in spades.

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